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Mongkol Chayasirisobhon
B.S., Msc, MBA, Ph.D. (Hon)
Concert Organizer

We have often been called an impresario of classical music. D&M Music Studio, founded in 1993, will continue its mission to promote classical music in Thailand and cooperate with institutions, companies and associations operating in the music sectors in Bangkok. We have brought good musical artists from all over the world to Bangkok and to other major venues in Thailand as well as to other Southeast Asian countries.

We have organized Mozart international Competition for piano in 2011 and Chopin International Competition in 2015. They will alternate once every two years.


  1. To promote a greater understanding of classical music for the music enthusiasts.
  2. To provide a platform to nurture musical talents and creativity unto excellence in music.
  3. To encourage and promote positive activities regarding classical music.
  4. To promote multicultural exchange through classical music via various instruments.
  5. To provide opportunities for musicians to reach a wider audience for greater exposure.
  6. To raise the standard of classical music education in Thailand
  7. To collaborate with other local and international networks in the creation of relevant and sustainable music programmes such as international competition, workshops, music pedagogy and symposium etc.
  8. To educate and promote musical learning especially the sector of classical musicians. We wish to create an exchange and build a relationship between local musicians and the foreign music professionals. For the public, we want to give them the opportunity to listen to classical music through recitals and concerts and their manifestations in the different and distinct musical periods in history. We have learned that in our country the media, such as TV and radio, play a significant role in the distribution and acceptance of diverse artistic expressions. Media drives public opinion in many environments including music and art. These media channels are key players for classical music to gain traction in our country.

Currently, classical music does not reach far into our country. There are few consistent and regular classical music programs that slow the development. Our activities give all Thai music lovers and expatriate the opportunity to taste and enjoy classical music.

D&M Music Studio
directed by Ajarn Duangdao Chayasirisobhon
(DSCM. Sydney Conservatorium of Music)
Tel: 081-682-8000
Email: mongkolchayasirisobhon@gmail.com

For your further information. Please contact Khun Duangdao Chayasirisobhon or Khun Mongkol Chayasirisobhon at the above telephone numbers or Mobile:081-682-8000